• Quarter sawn flamed maple necks (flat sawn and roasted maple also available)
  • Pre-ban old growth Brazilian Rosewood (depending on availability) or Madagascan Rosewood fingerboards
  • Lightweight one or two piece Alder or Ash bodies, Alder bodies are warmer and woody in tone common of the wood used by Fender in the early to mid 1960’s, Maple is brighter with a pronounced midrange scoop and a tight bass response, this is the timber used for bodies by Fender in the early to mid 1950’s, it was also used by Fender on all of their ‘Blonde’ guitars             
  • Ultra thin cellulose finish used from the wood up
  • Jescar 6100 or 6105 fretwire
  • Vintage bone top nuts painstakingly cut by hand one at a time
  • Amalfitano (SVL Daytona and SVL Gran Reserve) custom wound pickups
  • Callaham bridges and saddles
  • Callaham vintage machines
  • CTS ‘correct feel’ vintage style pots with a 3% or less tolerance
  • CRL ‘correct feel’ switches
  • Vintage N.O.S paper in oil tone caps
  • Switchcraft sockets
  • 22 AWG cloth covered wire used throughout
  • Vintage style Strap buttons fitted
  • All colour options available, email for details

Necks are available in various profiles, my slim 63 ‘C ‘shape being my favourite, a soft fifties ‘V’ and a larger feeling ‘Texas Blues’ are both very popular.

Fingerboards are cut to a standard compound 7-1/4" to 9-1/2" radius. I find this to be a perfect combination between a vintage and modern feeling radius, giving you the ease of chording in the lower registers and the ability to bend notes on the higher frets without buzzing or choking out. This is the radius ordered by the majority of my customers.

The 7-1/4" to 9-1/2" and 10" to 12" are also some of my polular choices, these are also available in a straight radius, other fingerboard sizes are available, feel free to contact me for details.

Rosewood fingerboards are oiled to a high lustre with my own blend of natural oils (no longer Linseed based) this oil is also available from me

Nut width is the vintage feeling 1.650" this has become my number one choice.

Dots and inlays are usually 60's style Callaham ‘real’ Clay dots or Black 50's style Delrin.

Any other spec’s and details not listed please contact us